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Plastic liner bag placed in a BloomBox small
Whats the best way to put in the plastic liner bag?

Place your hand inside the bag and push the bag into the BloomBox from the top.  Make sure no jewellery or finger nails puncture the bag.  Also make sure no loose bangles come off your rist and remain in the bag - this has happened and your customers will get an unexpected gift !!!.   If you are making a lot of boxes up its best to have short finger nails and no jewellery. Care should also be taken placing the stems into the bag, if the fit is tight, wrap the stems in tissue before sliding into the liner bag.

Do the liner bags leak?

The bags are thick and strong but are made by a machine and not every bag can be visually inspected by a human before you receive them.   From time to time the machine may make a faulty bag.  The seal at the bottom of the bag is the most important.   Please inspect the seal and sides of the bag for any holes before you place it into the box.  If in doubt, pour some water into the bag to check if it leaks before placing into the box.  We replace free of change any faulty bags you may find. You don't need to but in critical situations you can double bag for extra security.

How are the BloomBoxes shipped ?

BloomBox boxes are shipped in top opening outer cartons for easy dispensing in your shop.  Place the carton side ways on a shelf or on the floor beside your workbench.

How long does it take for wholesale delivery ?

Flower orders are sent from a local florist normally on the same day as the order. Some towns and remote areas may take longer to arrange. Overnight for same Island delivery in most cases.  Or 48-72 hours for between Island.    We are at the mercy of the courier firms and on occasion it can take 3 days for between Island deliveries.   We can do overnight delivery for between Island but there will be an extra charge.

Can you send to international customers ?

Yes we can.  But the cartons have a high volume to weight ratio making them expensive to send overseas in small quantities.  We would like to make contact with suitable companies in different countries for local distribution arrangements.

What florists stock the BloomBox ?

Many florists within New Zealand stock the BloomBox. Just drop us an email if you would like the name of a florist local to you that has the BloomBox in stock. We will soon offer direct ordering of BloomBox from this site.

Are BloomBox recyclable ?

Yes. BloomBox are made out of normal corrugated cardboard and have a bio degradable coating. The liner bag is a LDPE polybag and is recyclable or reusable once you wash and dry it out. The TROX Trays can be reused as great trays for kids papers and pens. The PotBoxes can be reused for all sorts of things, anything you could use a bowl for.

Did you invent the BloomBox ?

Yes.  BloomBox New Zealand are the inventors and designers of the BloomBox range of containers.    They are all registered designs.  BloomBox(tm)  and  PotBox(tm)  are registered trademarks.

Can I suggest a new colour ?

Yes, please do tell us. We are on the look out for a some new hot colours. 



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