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The Range

The combinations of colours and styles are huge. Create arrangements and gifts for any occasion.

Why BloomBox?

Read about the benefits of BloomBox and why your next flower order should arrive in a BloomBox.

Label Printing

Add the finishing touch with custom labels and ribbons.

On BloomBox.com you can order fresh flowers in a unique BloomBox┬« and have them delivered within New Zealand. BloomBox is 100% Kiwi owned and operated and all our products are 100% manufactured here by local businesses. BloomBox is recyclable, reusable and useful.  Even the inks used to colour the BloomBox are environmentally friendly.

So what is a BloomBox ? Well BloomBox is a coloured cardboard vase containing water.  Your flowers arrive at their destination ready to do their job - amaze the person you are sending them to.  No fuss finding vases and your flowers last longer, its more convenient for the person receiving the flowers and of course they look fantastic. 

BloomBox has florists in most towns and cities and we send from the closest florist to the destination.  This minimises transportion and ensures your flowers are never without all important water.

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